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This is a LaTeX class for creating American Meteorological Society, Journal of Physical Oceanography articles. It arose after I got back my very marked-up JPO galley proofs. While many of the marks were due to my inability to write proper English, many others were due to the formatting I had done. This package is an attempt to provide formatting that will not make the technical editors so upset!

These Latex style files are provided without any warranty.



Glenn Carter reports that the author style

\author{Glenn Carter}
\affil{Applied Physics Laboratory and School of Oceanography,
University of Washington, Seattle}
\author{Jody M. Klymak}
\affil{College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University.}
causes an error to be tripped
! Misplaced \crcr. \endtabular ->\crcr\egroup \egroup $\egroup
It has something to do with the author typesetting, but I haven't figured out what. However, the document typesets OK if you use
pdflatex --interaction nonstopmode
Let me know if you have ideas how to fix this error!

Aug 2005, David Mansbach reports that abstracts longer than one page will not typeset properly. I haven't looked into this error.

Please let me know of any other bugs. To facilitate this, send the smallest test file that triggers the bug. Please be certain that it is not a LaTeX error.




Read the test.tex file and compile it to ensure that your installation is OK (remember to remake the texlsr files if you put it somewhere that requires that).

Frequent problems

The packages uses Patrick Daly's figcaps package to produce the "manuscript" and "final" options. This puts figures at the end of the paper. To get figures to reference properly the "\label" must be inside the "\caption".


It is loosely based on a style by Lakshmann, available here http://www.cimms.ou.edu/~lakshman/ametsoc/

Stephen Henderson, Jim Moum, and Jonathan Nash provided valuable feedback.

RD Instruments ADCP to Matlab decoding:

I used to have some tools for decoding ADCP data that I made available. Rich Pawlowicz has made a more versatile routine that you can get at http://www2.ocgy.ubc.ca/~rich/.

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